Virginia Noir

Title : Virginia Noir
Release Date : July 14, 2016
Label :
Format : Digital Download

The whole album plays like a sophisticated beat tape (something like 2015’s Grown Folk), and brings to mind Man-Child-era Herbie Hancock in a number of places (compare “Labyrinth” here with Man-Child’s “Bubbles”, for instance). While that comparison seems (to my ears, at least) unavoidable, I’ll also say here that the group is very successfully pulling off that style while bringing their own flavor to it. There are no real weak spots on the album, with each song serving to strengthen the whole, but “Fiat” was a particular standout with Fonville’s hard drums really driving that song forward. The title track has a bit of a different flavor, with some late ‘80’s/early ‘90’s R&B and a solid groove. – Ben Gray,

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